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So what is Climate Control anyways?

In general, it means that your storage locker should not fall below freezing in the winter or rise above 32°C in the summer.

We’ve invested in a state of the art climate control system to keep the temperature low, (around 10°C). We exhaust the building continually so damp air does not condense on the surfaces of your belongings. Keeping everything safe and free of mold or mildew.

This isn’t your friend’s basement!

Proper Packing is the Key!

Proper Packing is the Key!

Box up as much as you can! Be sure to pack boxes fully and evenly distribute weight. Half empty boxes with things stacked on top are prone to collapsing and potentially damaging the items inside. Use packing paper or bubble wrap to secure any of your breakables to fill the empty spaces. Be conscious of your box sizes, mismatched shaped and sized boxes will impede your ability to organize and stack them effectively in your locker.

Prepare larger appliances for storage by:

  • Defrosting your refrigerator/freezer
  • Wrapping up mirrors and pictures in paper or bubble wrap to ensure safety.
  • Disassembling tables and bedframes to save space.
  • Consider purchasing a cover for couches and mattresses.
  • Consider purchasing a wardrobe box for packing delicate clothing.

Facts to consider when deciding to use a moving service.

Here are a few things to take into consideration for your move.

 To hire a professional, or Not to hire a professional.

That is the question?…

1.  Peace of Mind:

You – Moving is stressful; it is the 3rd most stressful situation in life following death and divorce.  Planning a move is many times overwhelming and tiring. You have to pack, minimize belongings, find friends and family to help, find a truck, load all your furniture and boxes to fit in a truck, drive truck to new location, unload, and unpack.

Professional – Hiring a professional takes a lot of the stress and hard work out of the equation.  You can have professional movers give you an estimate to have them load and deliver your stuff or you can go with full service movers, which will pack all your belongings nicely, unload, unpack, and even set up furniture.  It may be a little more costly but will save you time and energy. Having professional movers gives you a reliable option that will keep your belongings safe and protected to give you a piece of mind.

2.  Time:

You – The average person is not used to lifting and maneuvering a fridge or washer throughout a house or benching a couch.  You will probably need to get your closest friends and family to help you move, hopefully they are willing to give up their weekend.   With all different types of people trying to manage the move there will be some compromising on how to get it done.

Professional – Professional movers are trained professionals and are typically strong men that are used to lifting and moving heavy furniture and boxes.  They also usually have a system to get it done quickly and efficiently.  This will save you a lot of time from getting distracted and trying to figure a way to fit everything in a truck. While the professional mover is driving your stuff to your new location safely, you can be on a plane or drive and relax without having the worry of driving and maneuvering a large truck.

3.  Breakage:

You – If you or your friend or family member drops a flat screen TV or prized possession, you will be responsible for the damage and always secretly think about that one time your friend or family member broke one of your prized possessions.

Professional – The most important part of a move is how all your stuff is loaded into boxes and placed into the truck safely.  Movers are trained on loading everything efficiently and effectively to ensure that everything fits and is kept safe.  Plus, many moving companies offer insurance for special items and reassurance that everything will arrive in one piece.

If anything does happen and it is the movers’ fault they will be responsible for damages and keeping you happy.

4.  Equipment:

You – Most likely you aren’t used to hauling a huge truck around with tons of your possessions. You may also jump in the drivers spot being in charge of all your belongings without any experience in driving a large truck and this could result in damages in your belongings or accidents.  You may choose a truck that is too small to fit your belongings and realize it half way through loading it or get stuck with a truck that is too large and end up with extra space.

Professional – Movers come with all the equipment needed for an easy move like ropes, belts, and boxes.  We are trained professionals and can navigate the streets and heavy load with ease.

5.  Recovery time:

You – May have to spend several days recovering from the move with all your sore muscles and joints from lifting heavy furniture and boxes. You may need some time to recuperate and soak sore muscles. It could be days until you feel well enough to unpack, organize, and even feel up to meet the new neighbors.

Professional – Hiring a professional means you have more time to get used to your new house and even happy to meet the new neighbors.  Some full service movers give you the option to have someone to unpack your things as well, which will save you even more time and effort.

Small Locker (3′ x 6′) Deal


Perfect for students leaving for a semester. Will fit bed, small dresser, desk, chair, and some boxes. Also excellent for seasonal storage for tools, bicycles or sports equipment. Or 100 document boxes.*

*First five months only. Subject to availability, this offer valid at Tolmie Lane location.

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