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Self-storage facilities rent spaces to individuals for a short period (usually on a monthly basis, but long term leasing options are also available). This can be used to store household goods or by businesses to store excess inventory and archived records. Boxes, locks and other packaging supplies are usually provided to help individuals in packing and safekeeping their goods. Usually, the tenant’s own lock and key is used to secure the rented space. At Target Storage Ltd, there are 42 different sizes of lockers available. We offer the best security in the business with 24/7 surveillance. We stay open through the day so you can access you stuff anytime. We also provide moving supplies to our clients.

Here are a few instances where self-storage proves to be very efficient:

Less Storage Space at Home

You may be reluctant to get rid of your belongings even though you don’t use them any longer. It is better for you to keep your possessions safe so you can use them sometime in the future if they are in a good condition. You can store your furniture, old kitchen equipment and other such things as they are expensive and buying them again might not be feasible.

When You Are Moving

If you have sold your old house and are yet to find a new one, you might have to shift to a temporary residence before finding a permanent place to stay. A storage unit might come in handy in such instances. You don’t have to sell all your stuff just because there is no place to store it. This also saves you from the hassle of buying new things after shifting to a new house. You can just collect all your belongings from the self-storage facility whenever you are ready to furnish your new place.

To Store Tools and Equipment

You may have a huge collection of equipment and tools used for gardening and carpentry, which you will use only if there is a project for you to work on. Such things which are not used very often can be stored in a storage unit and collected whenever they are required. This helps in decluttering your space.

To Keep Your Belongings Safe

The self-storage facilities provide better security as they come with features such as fencing, gated entry, security camera etc. This way, you don’t have to worry about anyone breaking into your backyard storage shed at night.

When You Are Travelling Abroad

If you are moving abroad for work or higher education and want to rent out your house, you can move your belongings and furniture into a storage unit.

For Business Storage

You can make use of self-storage to keep files, printers, computers and other essentials that you do not need at the moment.

When Renovating Your House

You may not always want to move out of your house while renovating or carrying out home extensions. It is always smart to move your belongings to a self-storage to keep them safe and ensure the workers have enough space to work. You can refurbish your house again once the job is completed.

To Ensure Children’s Safety

It might not be a good idea to store equipment such as power tools and drilling machines at home, with children being around. You should keep such stuff in storage units to avoid accidents.

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