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How a Storage Unit Can Save a Marriage/Relationship

Storage units are spaces such as rooms, lockers or containers that are rented to tenants for short periods of time (usually monthly). Some of the storage facilities provide locks, boxes and packaging supplies to assist renters in keeping their goods safe. The tenants can purchase insurance to cover the items they store in these facilities.

Located in Tolmie Lane and Princess Ave, Target Self-Storage provides affordable and cost-effective storage facilities to clients in Victoria. We have lockers in several different sizes and use surveillance cameras to ensure the safety of your belongings.

Storage Solutions for Couples

Do you and your spouse often get into arguments over the other having too much stuff and causing clutter? Do you not have the space to add even one more thing to your collection?

Most of the times, it is recommended to get rid of things you don’t use every day to declutter the space. We understand that nobody wants to sacrifice the possessions they accumulated over a long time. Discarding is particularly difficult when an item has been passed down to you by your loved ones or you have your childhood memories associated with it. A storage unit can be a great option for you in such cases. You can keep the items you frequently use at home and store everything else here.

What Can You Keep in a Storage Unit?

You may both have different opinions about what goes to the storage unit. It is important to come to a mutually-agreeable solution and make a list of what you want moved. Storage units can be used to store sports equipment and power tools that men usually don’t want to get rid of. They can even be used to keep seasonal items such as sweaters and decorations that women usually find difficult to part with. Any clothing you both don’t wear often and luggage or backpacks (which are not used frequently) can be transferred to a storage unit.

You can also purchase a small lock box to be placed in the storage unit. This can be used to keep important items, such as your marriage license or property documents. This helps to avoid getting them misplaced.

While looking for a storage facility, make sure you pick one which is accessible seven days a week for your convenience. This allows you to pick up and drop off items according to your convenience. Keep the things that you are more likely to need at the front your unit.

As a great solution, these won’t just save your valued possessions but possibly also your marriage! Check out the deals offered by Target Self-Storage on their lockers. We also provide the best selection of boxes and moving supplies in Victoria.

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