4 Back-to-School Storage Tips

Dorms give you the opportunity to meet a bunch of new people, enjoy campus life and much more. However, one thing they typically don’t give you is much space. That’s where a storage facility comes in. If you’re a student using a storage facility this fall, here are four storage tips to keep in mind as you head back to school.

1. Get the details on your new place

Find out exactly how much room you’ll have for storage and furniture in your new home so you’ll have an idea of what you’ll need to keep in storage. And if you’re moving into a dorm, check to see what items you’re not allowed to bring. For instance, many dorms don’t allow large appliances, certain cooking gadgets, air conditioners or heaters and various other things. Some don’t allow big pieces of furniture other than what has been provided in advance. You’ll need to keep these things in your locker at the storage facility.

2. Choose the right-sized locker

Generally, storage facilities offer lockers of many different sizes and provide dimensions and pricing on their websites. If you’re having trouble picturing how big a locker is, recreate the space in a room or closet in your home using tape to define the area. Or, you can contact a storage provider, who will have the expertise to help you select the best size for you.

Note that it’s not a good idea to stuff your locker to the brim, especially if you plan on taking out some of the items from time to time. You should leave a bit of space to move around in.

3. Pack and label your boxes effectively

When packing, some of us throw everything haphazardly into boxes just to get the job over and done with. Resist this impulse and instead be kind to your future self, who is eventually going to need to access all these things. Consider categorizing your boxes according to types of items or the time of year when you’ll need to access them (for instance, you could have a box of “winter things” to take out when you return home for the holidays).

Don’t forget to label all your boxes. Clearly indicate in thick, large letters what’s inside.

4. Place your items in the order you’ll access them

When you’re putting your things in your locker, keep in mind when you’re going to need to access each item or box. Make sure the things you’ll need the soonest are the most accessible.

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