Benefits of Self-Storage for Small Businesses

Self-storage is an arrangement where the customers can rent a space in a warehouse to store their assets (personal or business), such as company documents, files and equipment. This helps you save a lot of space in your existing office, which you can use for other developments. Self-storage is also a very user-friendly, inexpensive and … Continued

How a Storage Unit Can Save a Marriage/Relationship

Storage units are spaces such as rooms, lockers or containers that are rented to tenants for short periods of time (usually monthly). Some of the storage facilities provide locks, boxes and packaging supplies to assist renters in keeping their goods safe. The tenants can purchase insurance to cover the items they store in these facilities. … Continued

Why Self-Storage May Be a Good Choice | Target Storage Ltd

Self-storage facilities rent spaces to individuals for a short period (usually on a monthly basis, but long term leasing options are also available). This can be used to store household goods or by businesses to store excess inventory and archived records. Boxes, locks and other packaging supplies are usually provided to help individuals in packing and … Continued

How to Pack and Organize Your Storage Locker

Moving some or all of your belongings into a storage unit in Victoria? You’ll need to pack everything properly if you want to make the most of the limited space available to you. Here are some tips for packing and organizing your storage locker. Packing Careful packing is the first step to having an organized … Continued

4 Back-to-School Storage Tips

Dorms give you the opportunity to meet a bunch of new people, enjoy campus life and much more. However, one thing they typically don’t give you is much space. That’s where a storage facility comes in. If you’re a student using a storage facility this fall, here are four storage tips to keep in mind … Continued

So what is Climate Control anyways?

In general, it means that your storage locker should not fall below freezing in the winter or rise above 32°C in the summer. We’ve invested in a state of the art climate control system to keep the temperature low, (around 10°C). We exhaust the building continually so damp air does not condense on the surfaces … Continued

Proper Packing is the Key!

Proper Packing is the Key! Box up as much as you can! Be sure to pack boxes fully and evenly distribute weight. Half empty boxes with things stacked on top are prone to collapsing and potentially damaging the items inside. Use packing paper or bubble wrap to secure any of your breakables to fill the … Continued

Facts to consider when deciding to use a moving service.

Here are a few things to take into consideration for your move.  To hire a professional, or Not to hire a professional. That is the question?… 1.  Peace of Mind: You – Moving is stressful; it is the 3rd most stressful situation in life following death and divorce.  Planning a move is many times overwhelming … Continued