Climate-controlled, ventilated and heated facilities to safe guard your valuables!

  • Control of temperature and ventilation prevents freezing, condensation and mold. Your valuables will stay in the condition you left them!
  • Daily maintenance schedule keeps the building clean and pest-free
  • Brightly lit facility and clean washrooms to ensure your move and storage safe and comfortable
Just the right temperature

Your valuables are safe with us!

It will be monitored by 24hours, 7 days a week video surveillance. You can rest assured your valuables are secure.

  • 24/7 Video Recorded Surveillance to keep your valuables safe
  • Water, Smoke, Fire, Intrusion
  • Motion Detection
  • Photos of authorized customers and sign-in/ out procedures
Security Camera

Mail Boxes

We also have mail boxes available in our Princess Ave. Location. Here are a list of mail services we offer;

  • Mailbox rentals (Weekly, Monthly or Yearly)
  • Mail forwarding
  • Call-In Mail Check
  • Courier & Freight Deliveries Accepted
  • We except any parcel size
  • Courier & Freight Orders Accepted
  • Mail Boxes (Mail Forwarding & Parcel Accepted)
Security CameraYour valuables are safe!

24/7 video surveillance, photos of authorized customers and sign-in/ out procedures.

Great Locations! Best Selection of Lockers

Tell us what you’re planning, and we will help you choose the right sized locker to fit your needs!

Just the right temperatureClimate controlled

Our superior ventilation system will keep your valuables in the condition you left them!